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UAF donated funds to the Dreaming for Children Program

The Uruguayan American Foundation donated funds to the Dreaming for Children Program, a Florida program that feeds more than 100 children and teaches them how to play soccer.

GOOD NEWS CARRIERS. Last days we were participants in a beautiful experience. Our family was the emissary of a good work, starring the UAF. Uruguayan America Foundation.Once again, this Uruguayan-American Foundation thought about helping our Floridense community, a grain of sand that it contributes in our country, and that more than once has benefited committed actors from our Florida. We appreciate having had the opportunity to be intermediaries, to feel pride and joy, and to know that the help has always been for good ends and has had successful terms. Thank you UAF, thank you Viviana my dear sister, who is always thinking of your people, and we congratulate Luciano Lorenzo because we know that his project Dreaming for Children needs all of us.

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