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Uruguayan American Foundation



The UAF is about helping the less fortunate of Uruguay in the areas of education and health.


To motivate Uruguayans, US. nationals, friends and collaborators from all our Latin American countries and countries from around the world, to help improve the less fortunate of Uruguay through our projects and fundraising events.

To partner with foundations such as the Global Environment Facility and the International Foundation to help us with these projects.


Our most recent project and future projects:

Early in 2014 our “Rural Schools Electrification Project” was completed successfully and with many lessons learned to add to our future projects.

We helped change the lives of about 500 children, their families, teachers and communities.  With our solar panels and equipment, installed by our contractor, we gave electricity to schools that had none or very little electricity.

Children are now able to connect and charge the “one laptop per child” computer that each child in public schools have.  They are now able to see educational videos and other programs on the tv that they were able to power with our electricity.  In one school in a remote area of Tacuarembo, they are now able to power printers so that they can publish newsletters written by the children and sold to the parents and community members.  They are now able to run electric kitchen utensils to prepare food to eat.  They are now able to hold community meetings and events in the schools.

New projects under consideration:

La Huella children and adolescent home.  This will help abandoned and orphan children live a better life and become fully functioning citizens by the time they are 18 years of age.

Help disabled children do necessary water exercises by providing heat to their pool using solar energy.

Providing books, desks and chairs to rural school children who are four years old and now have to start going to school as decided by the government.


Andrés McAlister  – President & Principal Fundraiser

Ana Nuchowich– Vice President

David Gómez– Treasurer

Viviana Corujo – Deputy Treasurer

Maria Elena Francovig – Secretary

Ana Laura Sposito – Deputy Secretary

Sebastian Méndez – Fundraiser

Anabel Quintero – Member at Large


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